Montana State Water Plan

Montana Water Supply Initiative – 2015

As directed by the Montana Legislature, the Water Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is launching an initiative to update the Montana State Water Plan. The 2015 Montana Water Supply Initiative (MWSI) engages citizens in a planning process to develop strategies and recommendations for meeting Montana’s future water needs.

Continued economic growth in Montana depends on meeting water demand for population growth and economic development while satisfying existing beneficial uses. Planning activities are taking place in the Clark Fork, Yellowstone, Upper Missouri and Lower Missouri River basins. Results will be presented to the 2015 Legislature.

The purposes of the MWSI are to: 1) provide up-to-date water resource information essential for planning and estimating future water demand, and 2) actively engage citizens in developing an adaptive State Water Plan that identifies options to meet future needs, satisfy existing beneficial uses, and protect the state’s water resources.

Working Meeting of Basin Advisory Council Representatives and DNRC Planning Staff. July 22 & 23, 2014 Rm. 137 State Capital Building

Basin Planning Information
Yellowstone River Basin Clark Fork/Kootenai River Basin  
Lower Missouri River Basin Upper Missouri River Basin  

Additional Planning Information
Summary of Phase 1 – Public Scoping Process  
Survey of Public Outreach and Education for State Water Planning  
Planning Basin Contact Information  
Montana River Basin Planning Map Clark Fork River Basin Upper Missouri River Basin Upper Missouri River Basin Lower Missouri River Basin Yellowstone River Basin

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