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Forestry Division

Mission Statement

Ensure sustainability of Montana forests, rural lands, and communities through cooperative wildland fire protection, sound forest management practices, and by promoting a viable forest-based economy.

The Forestry Division, headquartered in Missoula, is responsible for planning and implementing forestry and fire management programs through an extensive network of staff located in field offices across the state. The Forestry Division has four major functions: fire & aviation management, forestry assistance, business management, and policy, planning & outreach. Following is a brief description of the programs, products and services offered through the Forestry Division’s diverse programs:

Fire & Aviation Management staff provide resources, leadership and coordination to Montana's wildfire services and landowners, with efforts focused primarily in the following programs:

Wildfire Preparedness and Suppression

Fire Training

Fire Prevention

Air Operations

Equipment Development and Maintenance

Fire Business/Administration

GIS Mapping & Geospatial Services

Wildland Fire Communications

Wildland Urban Interface

For more about the Fire & Aviation Management Bureau, click here to visit the website.

Forestry Assistance staff work to maintain and improve the health of Montana's forests, watersheds, and the communities that depend on them, with efforts focused primarily in the following programs:

Forest Practices

Monitoring and Enforcement

Forest Health Improvement

Landowner Forest Stewardship Education

Conservation Seedling Nursery

Forest Products and Biomass

Urban and Community Forestry

Fuels Reduction and Mitigation

To learn more about Forestry Assistance Programs, click here to visit the website.

Business Management staff ensures Forestry Division business functions are efficient and comply with all state and federal policies and procedures. Additionally, the Business Management Bureau also coordinates DNRC facilities management statewide. Business Management Bureau efforts focus primarily in the following programs:

Budget Management, Reporting and Executive Planning

Federal Grant Management

Facilities Management, New Construction and Maintenance (Statewide)

Administrative support to Fire & Aviation, Forestry Assistance, and all other programs which reside on the Forestry Division campus in Missoula.

Policy, Planning and Public Outreach staff has the following responsibilities:

Maintain effective working relationships with the public, DNRC cooperators, and elected officials at the local, state and national levels by providing information about Forestry Division programs and priorities.

Oversee strategic planning activities for the Forestry and Trust Land Management Divisions through strategic plan development, annual work objectives, and accomplishment reporting.

Ensure the interests and needs of the State of Montana are represented with respect to management of all forestlands in Montana.

Engage in development of forest policy and planning for private, tribal, state and/or federal lands to advocate for sound forest management and opportunities for forest-based economies and communities.

Raise public awareness and support of projects and programs within the Forestry and Trust Land Management Divisions.


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