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Loan and Grant Programs for Irrigation Development

Measuring Flows

Irrigation is the dominant commercial use of Montana’s water, accounting for 96% of surface and ground water withdrawals.  Because irrigated agriculture is a key component of Montana’s economy, the irrigation development grant program was created to increase the value of irrigated crops while preserving natural resources and the environment for future generations.  In addition, IDG is managed as a renewable resource grant program, and as such, must further the goals of the RRGL program to conserve, manage, develop or preserve Montana’s renewable resources.

Irrigation development grants range from $300 to $20,000 and are available to private for profit, private nonprofit, governmental and Tribal entities and individual and groups in Montana.  Projects typically address one or more of these program objectives:

  • Increase irrigation efficiencies through water conservation
  • Expand or sustain irrigated acreage
  • Increase production of high-value crops
  • Improve management of irrigation systems
  • Improve interbasin cooperation among all water users.
  • arrow Irrigation Development Grant Applications now available through the fundingmt.gov site

    arrow Irrigation Development Program Update (pdf)

    arrow Summary of Irrigation Infrastructure in Montana (pdf)

    arrow Irrigation In Montana: A Program Overview and Economic Analysis (pdf)

    Supporting Technical Memoranda (pdf files)

  • TM 1.1 - Funding Programs
  • TM 1.2-1.4 - Land Water and Crops
  • TM 1.3 - Irrigation Systems
  • TM 1.5 - Other States
  • TM 2.1 - Conceptual Framework
  • TM 2.2 - Net Benefits
  • TM 2.3 - Impacts
  • TM 2.4 - Opportunities
  • TM 2.5 - Case Studies
  • TM 2.6 - Limitations

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    For More Information Contact:

    Ann Kulczyk
    Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
    Resource Development Bureau
    228 Sixth Street South
    PO Box 231
    Glasgow, MT 59230
    Phone: 406/228-4129
    FAX: 406-228-4139
    Website Address: http://dnrc.mt.gov


    Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation
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