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Joint Application for Proposed Work in Streams, Lakes and Wetlands in Montana

Application form (doc) (pdf)

Application Instructions (doc) (pdf)

If you are planning to do work on or near a waterway in Montana, one or several permits may be required. Conservation districts, along with participating agencies, created a joint form to help reduce the number of application forms that you need to complete to get your permits. We hope that in addition to reducing paperwork, the use of the form will increase coordination and streamline the permitting process. Beginning January 1, 2000, this application form can be used to apply for any or all of the following permits:

  1. Conservation Districts (local government) - 310 permits
  2. MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks (state government) - SP 124 permits
  3. County Floodplain Administrators (local government) - floodplain permits
  4. US Army Corps of Engineers (federal government) - Section 404/Section 10 permits
  5. MT Department of Environmental Quality (state government) - 318 (turbidity) Authorizations
  6. MT Department of Natural Resource and Conservation (state government) - Navigable river land use licenses and easements

Refer to "A Guide to Stream Permitting in Montana" to determine which permits are necessary for the work you plan to do. Please note, that this guide describes permit requirements from agencies other than those listed above. Applications must be made to them separately if those permits are applicable to your project.


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