Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery


We are now taking orders for spring delivery of 2015. Our inventory and order forms are available on links to the left. The inventory is updated manually every couple of days and so may not reflect actual stock on hand.

. Bareroot seedlings are available in spring only.

. Small containerized seedlings are available in spring, then again in fall.

. 100 cubic inch trees are available spring through fall.

. Please feel free to contact the nursery if you have any questions. 406-542-4244 or

Nursery Beds


The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery, in cooperation with the Montana Extension Service, local Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, offers low cost tree and shrub seedlings for use in conservation plantings.

Complete the printable order form (3 pages) and mail to the nursery, along with the required deposit, or you may place your order using our online shopping cart.

* NEW CUSTOMERS must order a minimum of 250 bareroot or small containerized seedlings, or 48 of the 100 cubic inch containerized trees.

* ESTABLISHED CUSTOMERS must order a minimum of a single lot size: 50 for bareroot, 25 for small containerized stock, eight for 100 cubic inch.* COMPLETE A CONSERVATION PLANTING PLAN (located on page 2 of the order form) to ensure the trees are being planted for conservation purposes and not landscaping. The plan may be approved by your local county extension agent, conservation district personnel or by nursery staff. Be specific with your plan; it should include species, spacing between rows, distances to buildings and roads, and direction of prevailing winds. * SHIPPING:

  • Pickup at the nursery in Missoula
  • Shipped directly to you via FedEx for a 15% shipping charge
  • Pickup at a single drop point in most Montana counties in mid to late April. The drop point is either the local Extension Service or Conservation District Office. Delivery schedules are set in March and are dependent on spring weather. This service is not available for fall plantings.

* PAYMENT: If your order totals less than $250 you must pay in full at the time of ordering. If your order totals more than $250 a 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering. If you are ordering through the online shopping cart you must pay in full at the time of ordering with a credit card.


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